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Ultimate Travel Guide for Exploring North Montenegro

Ultimate Travel Guide for Exploring North Montenegro

Known for its perfect location in the heart of Southern Europe, famous for its Mediterranean climate and stunning natural beauty, Montenegro is regarded as a rising and top-notch travelers paradise that needs to be discovered. Mostly famous for its coastline, which by no means is magnificent, most don’t get to discover the whole beauty of Montenegro.

Outside of the cities, there are a plethora of natural wonders see as well. The locally-famous Durmitor and Prokletije mountains, the ancient forests of Biogradska Gora and a slew of incredible lakes and rivers are sure to get a nature lover singing. Go on an epic hike, ride a horse, speed down a rugged hill on a mountain bike, or discover hidden places while canyoning - the options for exploration are endless. The mountain landscape make the perfect backdrop for some adrenaline pumping experiences all with a heavy dose of wow factor!

In our article, we will guide you through an adventure packed trip through the North of Montenegro which will get you packing and booking the next trip to our destination. So, let’s go!

Hike the Durmitor Moutain Range

If you’re a sucker for Mother Nature, then this dreamy spot is perfect for you. Home to lush forests, pristine lakes, sweeping gorges and out-of-this-world waterfalls, Durmitor really is a thrill-seekers Eden (and yes, we’re very serious).

The massif of Durmitor is part of the Dinaric Alps and has 48 peaks soaring above 2000 meters, with Bobotov Kuk being the highest standing at 2523 meters. Created by glaciers and crisscrossed by underground streams and rivers, the Durmitor National Park limestone massif spans 39,000 acres across north-western Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. There are a total of Eighteen lakes in Durmitor. The protected national park hides one of the country’s most spectacular lakes – Crno Jezero (Black Lake).

Switchbacks and hairpin bends make an exhilarating drive, past glacial lakes and rocky outcrops, including the tallest peak in Montenegro, Bobotov Kuk at 2,523 meters. This segment of the Dinaric Alps is embodied by captivating peaks, protected forests sheltering bears and glacial lakes embedded in the Tara River Basin Biosphere Reserve.

Durmitor National Park is perfect for hiking and offers some spectacular scenery. There are numerous well-marked hikes available for every weather condition and level of ability and fitness.

Trekking, mountaineering, affordable Alpine and Nordic skiing, fishing and camping are great ways to experience Durmitor.

Camping in Durmitor National Park, as well as in the rest of Montenegro, is not exactly legal. “Endured” is probably closer to the truth, although there’s no official statement from the national park authorities concerning this issue. However, the rangers that charge 3€ per tent per night. We spent one night right at Black Lake. In the morning a ranger approached us and asked us to pack up our tent during the day and only pitch it when it gets dark.

Wildwater Rafting on Tara River Canyon

One of Europe’s deepest canyons, the Tara River Canyon has a mind-boggling 1,300m (4,265 ft) drop. The Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world, after the Grand Canyon. It’s a lush, green, wild place that falls inside Durmitor National Park.

Yes, it looks quite dreamy from above, but you’ll find the best views bobbling along the water – and yes, people come here mostly to brave the waves on a raft.

Undeniably, the best way to see the Tara Canyon is by rafting down it. Thrilling rafting tours navigate the Tara River’s rapids, which are interspersed with relaxed paddling, swimming and photo stop. The water is some of the purest in Europe and is crystal clear.

A 150 meter-high bridge on the Tara River is widely known as one of the most beautiful in the world. Clad in dense pine forests and clear lakes, the 82-kilometer canyon is one of the world's deepest and largest, splicing the mountains of Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 365 meter-long, concrete Tara Bridge spans one of the deepest canyons in the whole of Europe. Back in the days, it was the largest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe. Today you can either walk across it, take some photographs or emerge yourself in more adventurous activities like bungee jumping or zip lining.

Get lost in one of Europe's last remaining rainforests - Biogradska Gora

Virgin tracts of jungle, centuries-old trees, soaring glacial lakes, tall mountains and wildlife grace the inland park. But the highlight is Lake Biograd, shrouded in foliage, with its still waters mirroring the lush rugged surrounds. Biogradska Gora, the smallest of the National Parks, is one of only a handful of primeval forests left in Europe.

Biogradska spends across an area of 54 km²  and if you are into untouched nature, then consider spending a day or two exploring Biogradska. Stroll through the forest, hike the large mountain slopes with peaks over 2,000 meters, and relax at one of the six glacial lakes.

If you are a lover of floral and agriculture, you will be amazed with the vast diversity of different flower species that are found in Biogradska Gora. You’ll be able to spot beech, fir, juniper, white ash, maple and elm trees.

We recommend that you rent out a boat or kayak and explore the whole lake. It seems big but with a bit of paddling you will be able to navigate it with ease.


After looking up at the Tara Canyon from below, it’s time to appreciate its 50 shades of green from above… sailing across it secured only by a rope. Dangling 170m above the Tara Riverbed, a zip line cable connects the two sides of the Tara Canyon. Those who are brave enough to take the ride get staggering views as they hurtle across the canyon. There are different point from which you can zip across the Tara Canyon all of which are different lengths.


Montenegro’s rocky landscape makes it ideal for canyoning. Nevidio Canyon is the most popular canyoning destination, and the six-hour tour is for true thrill-seekers. Once inside the canyon, the only way to get out is by climbing, swimming, sliding and jumping through the narrow spaces between cliffs to the other end.

Tours are organized through the summer months. You get fully equipped with wetsuits, helmets and harnesses. Also, most tours offer video and photo footage from the trip alongside some refreshments in form of food and drink during the trip.

Physically challenging, canyoning in Montenegro is a mind-blowing experience for adventure lovers.

Horse riding

Again, Montenegro’s mountains provide the perfect backdrop for adventure. Whether it’s following centuries-old trails through verdant forest, galloping along open plains or splashing through a mountain lake, a guided horse trek is an unforgettable way to explore some of Montenegro’s most rugged and beautiful wilderness.

Final Thoughts

An important note and key takeaway that you should take from our guide is that you should allocate at least three days in order to experience the whole North of Montenegro.

The ideal scenery includes an all day trip to Durmitor with a long hike to Bobotov Kuk (the highest peak of Durmitor). On the way you will pass by Black Lake and the most spectacular view point. Your friends will be so jealous because of your pictures. The next day is all adventures! Rafting can be organized on short distances up to 3 hours, but that isn’t enough fun for true thrill seekers. Get a tour with up to 6+ hours of water impact. Trust us on this one.

The last day should be spent canyoning. If you pass the Nevidio Canyon in some record time, the afternoon can be reserved for more chilled activities such as walking through BIogradska Gore.

THE BEST THING about this is that all main location on the North are in driving distance of up to 2 hours. Yes you heard it right, everything can be reached in no time. But there is one more thing - you will enjoy the most satisfying scenic views while driving through the mountains. Let’s just say that the perfect picture spots lays behind every turn of the road.